Bienvenida al mini curso de Cognitive IoT

I am Sudha Jamthe. I am the CEO of IoT I am the author of the book IoT Disruptions 2020 and teacher of the first IoT Business course "How to Build a Successful Business with Internet of Things at Stanford University Continuing Studies.”

Sebastián Marra, GM of Less Industries has teamed up with me to bring you my Stanford IOT + AI course as an introductory mini course in Spanish.

This is a short and focused course where introduce you to the power of Artificial Intelligence + IoT in many industries with innovation and job opportunities growing in the Covid era.

Come learn about Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get a a solid foundation.

You have taken the first step to pivot your career to Internet of Things or IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Can you imagine what you would achieve in such a connected world powered by Artificial Intelligence and data?

In this course you will learn:

Module 1: Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) +AI and Jobs in Covid times

Module 2: Understand is IOT and Artificial Intelligence spectrum of applications and technologies and IoT LATAM market potential.

Module 3: Learn from Prof.Sebastian Marra about What is Cognitive IoT Application with business use cases combining IoT + AI.

Module 4: Hear from industry expert Maria Virtudez of Telefonica about the secret sauce of how to make IoT projects successful across multiple industries. This is unique content not available easily anywhere out in the Internet.

At the end of this mini course, you should have a solid foundation about IoT, AI and how IoT + AI comes to create new business applications and some of the top secrets for successful IoT + AI (Cognitive IoT) projects globally, particularly in LATAM.

Enjoy your learning journey of innovating in the connected world with Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence!

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