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What is the AI Innovator Community?

Join Sudha Jamthe's 350+ students to learn the foundations of Artificial Intelligence Business with a on-demand lesson and a community of speakers, mentors with monthly live guidance to learn different AI application in real business setting with Sudha Jamthe.

This AI Innovator community membership has three parts:

1. Community:

This is the best part and one I enjoy the most as I get to see the students grow and help each other as they pivot in their careers with special exclusive events available only at the AI Innovator Community. Join a monthly live Q&A about AI Innovation opportunity analysis with Sudha Jamthe

Upcoming Calendar of Monthly AI Innovation Applications and Live Q&A with Sudha Jamthe and special invited guests

Image: Sudha Jamthe with the Apple Self-Driving Car in the background in Cuptertino, CA taken on Jan 20, 2021.

  • Feb: Datascience sprint and your role in bringing innovation to your company
  • Mar: What is No-CodeAI. Is it a business strategy for AI Innovators? What is reality of AI in companies in building out AI.
  • Apr: Understanding Neural Networks as a business user and CareerPivot to AI Ethics
  • May: What is AI Product Management
  • Jun: Business Questions to ask in understanding AutoML on the edge (car or mobile)
  • Jul: MLUX with delivery bots and the fight for curb space
  • Aug: NLP - Voice and Chatbots
  • Sep: Computer Vision and Industry 4.0

AI Innovator Community membership events also include invitation for 1-2 monthly industry guest speaker live Q&A for networking and to augment our lessons to give you a sense of what are real AI Applications in Industry and what does not work with AI pilots in industry and cities.

Past speakers have come from top innovators and some of them have been my past students. Past speakers come from IBM, Amazon Alexa, HP, and some industry thought leaders such as David Kerrigan and more

2. Coaching:

Get a 30 min free 1:1 career coaching with Sudha Jamthe (upon signup). For annual subscriptions, you get this once every quarter so you can check-in on your own progress and adapt to changes in the market.

3. Content:

Learn DataScience for the Business User using NoCodeAI

Key Topic 1: Learn about Artificial Intelligence As a Business topic with On-Demand lessons. Go between the gap between business and technology to make it work for your job function.This is a foundational lesson to understand the many AI markets as AI Technology market and Applied AI market and where do you belong.

Key Topic 2: Learn about Technology spectrum covering Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Text to Speech and AR/VR using NoCodeAI. Get an understanding of the applications of these technology and a NoCode AI Lab to learn a Datascience sprint as a business user and what presents an opportunity for your unique skills and experience.

Key Topic 3: Lessons about various AI Applications in various Industries and what is your role as a product or business user or AI designer or AI Ethicist in building successful AI applications

I am excited to welcome you to offer a safe learning space for you to learn this exciting topic in an evolving space. My style is to guide you to find your path to innovating in this exciting space by gaining a foundational knowledge while finding your transferrable skills so you can decide how you want to pivot to new opportunities with Artificial Intelligence.

Scroll down to enroll! We take only 20 people in a cohort to keep small learning circles of multi-skilled global professionals.

Why should you be part of the AI Innovator Community?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enroll. You can continue with the subscription as long as you want. Each month you will get access to ONE Live Q&A on AV Ecosystem Opportunity Assessment. You can engage with the community of learners, alums and speakers from industry as long as you are subscribed to this community.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course as long as you are subscribed to this community. Your access will stop 2 weeks after you cancel the subscription.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Courses Included with Purchase

6 weeks Certificate to Design and Build Product Experiences with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Autonomous Vehicles
Sudha Jamthe
Autonomous Vehicles Open Data & CareerPivot Resources
Learn AV Data to find your job role for your CareerPivot
Sudha Jamthe
WeeklyWed Global Speaker Series
Weekly Live Webinar about AI, AV, IoT 8 AM PT
Sudha Jamthe
AI Expert Lounge
Exclusive Live Q&A with Industry Practitioners
Sudha Jamthe
No-Code AI: DataScience for the Business User
Get a solid Data Science Foundation with ZERO coding (focused on Machine Learning)
Yashashwini Viswanath

Original Price: $949

Watch Speaker Session from Igor Trydin, NVidia (who came back representing himself as a student alum to teach about Computer Vision to our student community)

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