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What is the Self-Driving Community?

Join Sudha Jamthe's 350+ students to learn the foundations of Autonomous Vehicles Business with on-demand lessons and a community of speakers, mentors with monthly live Q&A on AV space opportunity analysis with Sudha Jamthe.

This Self-Driving Innovator community membership allows you to learn at your own pace with 3 main benefits:

1. Community:

This is the best part and one I enjoy the most as I get to see the students grow and help each other as they pivot in their careers with special exclusive events available only at the Self-Driving Community. As a member of self-driving community you will get exclusive access to our Expert Lounge with TWO live Q&A about the AV industry topics. Once a month you will get a AV Ecosystem Opportunity Analysis with Sudha Jamthe and onc a month you will engage with an industry practitioner about the reality of what works and what does not work.

Upcoming Calendar of Expert Lounge::

Image: Sudha Jamthe with the Apple Self-Driving Car in the background in Cuptertino, CA taken on Jan 20, 2021.

Feb: Apple Car and OEM Strategic decisions on Tech Stack in Digitization of Cars

Mar: Transportation Shifts

Multi-Modal Public transit, Ride Share/AV partnerships, Ethics & Regulation and Latest in AV Trucking space.

Apr: AV Data Platforms QNX, Ford: Opportunities with data in connected cars

May: AV logistics and Delivery Bots: Shift or new market

Jun: Tesla and the ADAS space evolution

Jul: MLUX with delivery bots and the fight for curb space

Aug: Voice in the Car

Sep: AV Trucking and Platooning

Self-Driving Community membership events also include invitation for 1-2 monthly industry guest speaker live Q&A for networking and to augment our lessons.

Past speakers have come from top OEMs and AV makers and some of them have been my past students. Past speakers come from NVidia, Waymo, Tesla, Ford, Mercedes Benz,,, Volvo and Amazon Auto and IBM Automotive.

2. Coaching:

Get a 30 min free 1:1 career coaching with Sudha Jamthe (upon signup). For annual subscriptions, you get this once every quarter so you can check-in on your own progress and adapt to changes in the market.

3. Content:

Learn at your own-pace with on-demand lessons on all key foundational AV business topics. (see the list of courses at the bottom of this page) Details about the Content Included in the on-demand course bundle are:

Key Topic 1: Learn about Autonomous Vehicle As a Business Space with On-Demand lessons. This is a foundational lesson to think about Autonomous Vehicles beyond self-driving cars to expand the autonomous opportunity to solve a mobility problem for your city or industry or a focused customer segment. This expands AVs to ride-sharing, AV public transit, mobility bots, bikes and trucking.

Key Topic 2: Learn about Autonomous Vehicle Technology including how the self-driving technology perception space works for the car to see the road. Additionally you will learn how the entire technology stack is moving to the car. This is an opportunity for you to get an understanding of how the vehicle connects with mobile phones and the evolving technology data platforms, identity with edge intelligence and cloud connectivity.Key Topic 3: Lessons about AV and Mobility Ecosystem and Landscape. This is available as an on-demand recorded lesson and offered as a monthly live analysis of the ecosystem new and opportunities with Sudha Jamthe and invited industry guest speakers.

Key Topic 4: Understand the AV space Business Drivers and Business Models. You can learn this from on-demand lessons with additional invited guest speakers for which you will get priority invite to join the #WeeklyWed speakers for Autonomous Vehicles topics once a month.

Key Topic 5: Join a journey on a limitless topic to learn about data and Artificial Intelligence in the connected and autonomous vehicles. This is available as on-demand lessons and will teach you how the vehicle is getting connected with data mobility creating new AI opportunities. Additional monthly live Q&A of latest news analysis with Sudha Jamthe will uncover new opportunities with AI in the Car and new shapes the AV can take as mobility bots or logistics delivery trucks or by adding voice or VR to the car to carry the context of mobility users.

I am excited to welcome you to offer a safe learning space for you to learn this exciting topic in an evolving space. My style is to guide you to find your path to innovating in this exciting space by gaining a foundational knowledge while finding your transferrable skills so you can decide how you want to pivot to new opportunities with AV and Mobility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enroll. You can continue with the subscription as long as you want. Each month you will get access to ONE Live Q&A on AV Ecosystem Opportunity Assessment. You can engage with the community of learners, alums and speakers from industry as long as you are subscribed to this community.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course as long as you are subscribed to this community. Your access will stop 2 weeks after you cancel the subscription.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Courses Included with Purchase

Autonomous Vehicles Masterclass
Learn the Autonomous Vehicle Foundation in 6 weeks
David Kerrigan
The Business of Autonomous Vehicle Data
Learn AV data business value creation in 6 weeks
Yashashwini Viswanath
6 weeks Certificate to Design and Build Product Experiences with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Autonomous Vehicles
Sudha Jamthe
Autonomous Vehicles Open Data & CareerPivot Resources
Learn AV Data to find your job role for your CareerPivot
Sudha Jamthe
WeeklyWed Global Speaker Series
Weekly Live Webinar about AI, AV, IoT 8 AM PT
Sudha Jamthe

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