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Course Curriculum

About the Speakers

Roxy Stimpson (USA)
Co-host and organizer, Innovation AI and Data Leader & Vice President F5
Her mission is to inspire and empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.
She advocates leveraging technology, lean-agile processes, machine and human connections to deliver tangible positive impacts.
Sudha Jamthe (USA)
Co-Host & Organizer Technology Futurist & AI and AV Instructor at Stanford, Continuing Studies &
Susanna Raj (USA)
Host of CareerPivot and AI Ethics sessions & Cognitive Science researcher and AI Ethicist

A Cognitive Science Researcher, AI Ethicist, Writer, Illustrator & Artist and the Founder of AI4Nomads, a Mobile Data Annotation Platform with a Trio Philanthropic focus of Eliminating Digital Illiteracy around the Globe, Empowering, migrants, refugees, displaced workers and women with Financial Independence and ensuring Diversity in AI Training Data Labeling.

Manpreet Budhraja(India)
DataScientist and host of A.I.M YouTube Channel
Ayesha Gautam(India)
Dr. Ayesha Gautam is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Delhi University. She completed her Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy, Delhi University in the year 2015 on the topic “Moral Knowledge: It’s Possibility, Source, and justification.” Her area of interest lies in the field of Metaethics, Virtue Epistemology, and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. She received a minor research
grant under the Faculty Research Programme (FRP) of the IoE(Institute of Eminence) scheme of Delhi University in the year 2021 and is currently pursuing research on the epistemic status of verbal testimony in the digital world.
Manon den Dunnen(Netherlands)
Strategisch Specialist Digitale Transformatie @Politie / IoT SensemakersAMS
Sam Wigglesworth(UK)
Samantha Wigglesworth Founder of GirlsAndBoysInTech and Bachelor of Business Administration & German from Lancaster University, with a PGCE in Education with QTS in Modern Languages from Sheffield Hallam University is a Teacher of Languages, Business and IT in High School and a former Associate Lecturer in Economics, at the University of Sheffield. Her organization GirlsandBoysInTech focuses on delivering Languages and STEM programs that engage young adults and professionals to equip them with the future technology skills society will need in the near future. In addition, Samantha has 7+ years of work experience in the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Consultancy Service, and IT sectors. Sam is also a Leadership Council member and Editorial Team lead for DataEthics4All, whose mission is to raise awareness about the ethical use of data; building the next generation of Tech Leaders with an Ethics-First Mindset.
Aishatu Gwadabe (Germany)
Peace Technologist who aims to promote and co-create more equitability within artificial intelligence ecosystems. Exploring the interlink between language and technology has led her to focus on machine translation to break communication barriers. By examining the digital world from a social justice and trans-disciplinary postcolonial perspective at the intersection of emergent technologies, peace building, art and design thinking, her aim is to enhance Africa’s current positioning in the world as the continent makes strides to become an active participant within the realm of technology.
Usha Jagannathan (Arizona US)
Usha Jagannathan is a Principal Engineer at McKinsey, bringing twenty years of digital transformation experience in building new technology ecosystems and empowering teams to create AI/ML products that meet customer needs. Usha focuses primarily on rapid prototyping, architecting enterprise solutions, coaching product development teams, and delivering custom digital cloud-native solutions to drive accelerated innovation.

Usha is a passionate STEM advocate and works to increase industry diversity through apprenticeship and work-study programs. She has contributed to several engineering articles and is a recognized speaker at forums hosted by technical organizations across the globe.

Divya Dwivedi (India)
Advocate/Lawyer in Indian Supreme Court, Privacy and Tech Legal Policy advocate
Carolina Guzman (Spain) Carolina Guzmán is a financial inclusion expert with 10 years of experience building innovative digital financial products for the unbanked population in Colombia. She is passionate about finding business and tech based solutions for social problems such as poverty and economic exclusion. Born in Bogotá (Colombia), she is currently based in Barcelona, where she is broadening her knowledge and tech skills in Digital Product Management at Barcelona Technology School. Carolina holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Master Degree in Human Geography from Universidad de Los Andes, and in 2018 she obtained the LEAD Certificate of Corporate Innovation from Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Madi Leang
Madi Leang is a User Experience Researcher who pivoted into the tech field after working in various industries. While learning about User Experience Design, she made one final pivot. All the skills gained over time lead down one road: user experience research. She’s currently working with a company that focuses on donor relations and engagement as their sole UX Researcher on the Product Team. In her free time, she does voice acting and photography and is an avid gamer.
Aashi Garg (India)
Aashi Garg is a Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Developer at F5, Inc.
Sneha Mahakalkar (India)
Sneha Mahakalkar is working as a RPA developer at F5 Networks. She is Master Certified in Automation anywhere. UiPath Advanced based Certified(role based) and Tableau advanced Certified

Tejumade Afonja (Germany)

Cofounder of AI Saturdays Lagos, an artificial intelligence community in Lagos, Nigeria that offers free-to-attend classes on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning; She is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its potential to improve life without opening up or exacerbating inequalities.

Malka Halgamuge (Australia)

Malka is a Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about emerging Technology, IoT & Edge Computing Security, Blockchain, ML & FL, and Bioelectromagnetics.

Dr. Chitra Dorai (Australia)

Dr. Chitra Dorai is a globally renowned AI scientist and the Founder & CEO of Amicus Brain Innovations. Amicus Brain, a digital health startup develops AI-enabled personal advisor apps for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia and their care partners, making caregiving easier and increasing self-efficacy and quality of life. Prior to this role, Dr. Dorai had a decorated career at IBM where she was an IBM Fellow (first woman of Indian origin to receive this recognition worldwide) and was the Global CTO for Cognitive Services. She has published 100+ technical papers at international conferences and journals, invented 50 patents and received multiple best paper awards and high-value patent awards.

Monika Manolova (Sofia City, Bulgaria)

Monika Manolova holds a PhD in geographic information systems (GIS) from Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ Monika is a Digital ecosystems expert for the Digital National Alliance in Bulgaria and a member of the DIH AgroHub BG with a focus on inclusion, equality, and smart growth for communities. Monika is a member of the EIP SCC group on smart mobility and the EIP SCC group on citizen control of personal data, an MKAI champion for equality (2021) and mission-driven contributor for education and open innovations in ML, data science, and AI.
Sneha Jadhav (US)

Experience building SaaS products and services.
Self-motivated product enthusiast with keen interest in understanding user behavior to define the problems and help iterate solutions
Product Discovery| Human interaction design| Edge computing and Connectivity| Streaming analytics
Deepa Singh (India)

Deepa Singh is a Doctoral researcher in Artificial Intelligence Ethics at the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, where she is an Indian Council of Philosophical Research Fellow. Her current work focuses on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in AI in the Global South. She was one of the '100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics'TM in 2021. She has previously worked as a social entrepreneur and has been one of the founding directors of the grassroots NGO 'eArth Samvarta Foundation' in India.
Lisa Abeyta (US)

Lisa Abeyta is an experienced entrepreneur, writer and creator with strong leadership skills and the ability to effectively coordinate and manage teams and projects. She launched a tech startup which she led through an acquisition of Onqueue Technologies, then raised $1.6 million in venture capital, earning numerous awards and serving a global government, enterprise and nonprofit client base for over 11 years. She is currently working on several projects focused on writing and media as well as serving as the VP of Tech Innovation for Voices in Action and as founder of CityLife. Through her role as a female startup founder and CEO, she became a strong voice, both online and in speaking engagements, advocating for the use of technology to make government and nonprofit services more accessible to those who often had the most barriers to access. She was named in 2017 as the 7th most influential person globally within the industry of GovTech and earned multiple awards for her leadership in technology as well as women entrepreneurs and women in tech.

Ruth Nduta (East Africa)

Ruth Nduta is a Data Analyst at Fidelity Shield Insurance.

Archive Schedules

In 2021, we learnt Career Pivot from 22 Women in 22 hours on IoT Day April 9th 2021.

(The Amazing IoT Womansplaining Schedule from 2021 is below)

How do I access the archives if I miss a session or want to listen to the speakers again?

You have to be registered to access the archives (just to be fair to the safety of all who attended and to avoid spammers). You can go to curriculum section and can click on any of the sessions after the event.

What are the IoTDayCamps or IoT Womansplaining?

We offer free camps for IoTDay to help you on your learning journey as you stay home practicing social distancing on a variety of topics - Data, AI, ethics, industry practices, NLP, ML, Datascience, Business Applications, CareerPivots etc.

ps: Note when you register you can just register for businessschoolofAI only for this free IoTDay sessions, no need to register for a separate teachable account.

Below is 2020 and 2021 Schedule if you want to see what previous year's IoT Women lineup and schedules looked like. If you signup you can learn from the recording.

2021 Schedule

OPENING: 9:00 AM PT Speaker Speaker Bio Speaker Location TIMES IN PT (CALIFORNIA TIMES)
How Data & AI are Drivers of CareerPivot Innovation Opportunities Sudha Jamthe & Roxy Stimpson 09.00 AM to 09.30 AM
-How IoT Data creates Many Data Silos Manon den Dunnen Strategisch Specialist Digitale Transformatie @Politie / IoT SensemakersAMS Netherlands (These two womansplaining videos will be shown
- Inference vs. Reference Data Jessica Groopman, Industry Analyst, Founder at Kaleido Insights California, USA as part of the 9 to 9.30am Data session with Roxy and Sudha)
Product Development in a Changing World of Videos Maria Virtudes Briz Product Leader, Telefonica Madrid, Spain 09:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Innovation Alexandra deschamps-sonsino Author of 'Creating a Culture of Innovation' (2020) and ‘Smarter Homes’ (2018) London, UK 10.00 AM - 10:30 AM
Robotics Jasmine Berry, Ph.D CTO &HH AI & Cognition Researcher CTO &HH AI & Cognition Researcher

10:30-10:45 AM
Why Diversity Matters

Dr. Carlotta A.Berry
Robotics leader and co-director of the Rose Building Undergraduate Diversity (ROSE-BUD) (wikipedia page) 10:30-10:45 AM
IoT Slam Woman panel Shoutout @ 10:45 AM
Hot AI Technologies: Get a sneak peak to hot AI Technologies of Explainable AI, NLP, Facial Recognition Sudha Jamthe with womansplaining videos from
1. Usha Jaganathan (Explainable AI )
2. Rebekah Tweed (Facial Recognition)
3. Sam Wigglesworth (NLP)
4. Aishatu Gwadabe (NLP)
10:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Career Pivot Panel Susanna Raj (Silicn Valley) with
1. Nino Manizhashvili (Germany/Georgia Country),
2. Kristine Kalnina (Barcelona),
3. Swathi Young (Washington DC)
4. Aishatu Gwadabe (Germany)
Global 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
AI Saturdays Lagos Lesson on Machine Learning vs Deep Learning 1. Tejumade Afonja (Germany) Deep Learning DataScientist Researcher and AI Saturdays Lagos Organizer
2. Orevaoghene (Nigera) Ahia &
3. Adetola Adetunji aka Icon Tola (Nigeria)
Deep Learning DataScientist Researchers
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Lunch Break 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
  • April 9th Live Sessions Afternoon: No-Code AI and AI Ethics Sessions
3:30-4:00 PM
Edge Intelligence and Security Renuka Nadkarni and
Viji Survadevara
Engineering Security leaders from F5 USA 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM
CareerPivot from Compliance to Product Management
Aishwarya (Ash) Joshi Interview by Susanna Raj Aishwarya (Ash) Joshi is a Compliance and Technology Risk Leader who has moved to Product Management (currently at Hulu, Prior Warner Media) 2:00 to 3:00pm
Data and Innovation in Netherlands in Police (and approach towards citizen led democracy) Manon Den Dunnen Strategisch Specialist Digitale Transformatie @Politie / IoT SensemakersAMS 3:00 to 3.30pm
Audience feedback and stories Several Love for tech innovation, Career journeys 3.30 to 3.45pm
Wrap-up Sudha Jamthe & Roxy Stimpson Review of the day - Data, Ethics, Product Management, Data Science, No-Code AI, Innovation, Deep Learning, Robotics - All led by data and the perseverance of these amazing CareerPivot stories. 3:45-4:00 PM
Topic Speaker Speaker Bio Speaker Location TIMES IN PT (CALIFORNIA TIMES)
CareerPivot to AI Ethics Interview of Pragati Rai by Susanna Raj Speakers
Susanna Raj (US)
Pragati Rai (India)

AI Ethicists

06:00 - 06:30 PM (April 8th PT)
Chatbots Interview Zoya Lakhani (Pakistan) with Ruth Millar of UB (Singapore) Zoya Lakhani (Pakistan) AI Chatbots Marketing Leader from RovingApps and UIB Singapore/Pakistan 7.00 to 7.15pm PM (April 8th PT)
AI for Peace Aishatu Gwadabe Peace Technologist Germany 11.00 PM - 11.30PM (April 8th PT)
NoCodeAI Lesson on learning Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure Viola Miebach &
Kristine Kalnina
AIX Designers Barcelona, Spain 8pm to 8.45pm PT (April 9th)
Facial Recognition Session Rebekah Tweed Responsible AI Ethicist, Chair, IEEE Global AIS Ethics Initiative Editing Committee and owner of Responsible AI Ethics Job board Ohio, USA 07.00 - 07.15 AM (April 9th PT)
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Sam Wigglesworth Editorial Team Lead, Mentor at DataEthics4All | Teacher | Founder of Girls & Boys in Tech & The Language School NLP Expert Oxford, UK
  • 9am UK/10am CET/11 pm (April 8th)

Meet the Amazing Speakers!

Who What & When
Roxy Stimpson (USA), IoT Data Leader & Sr. Director F5 Co-Host & Organizer; Will lead IIoT Session at 2pm PT & IoT Data Session 10am PT
Sudha Jamthe (USA), Co-Host & Organizer Technology Futurist & AI and AV Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies & Will lead CareerPivot Panel at 11am pt (joint on Zoom + Clubhouse) & AV and Data Live Sessions
Susanna Raj (USA), host of CareerPivot and AI Ethics sessions & Cognitive Science researcher and AI Ethicist Will lead CareerPivot Panel at 11am pt on Zoom (live) with Nino Manizhashvili (Germany),Kristine Kalnina (Barcelona), Sudha Jamthe (San Jose, US) and Swathi Young (Washington DC)
Swathi Young (USA), CTO of Enterprise AI firm & WomeninAI organizer co-host of CareerPivot panel at 11am pt (Zoom + Clubhouse)
Zoya Lakhani (Pakistan), AI Chatbots Marketing Leader from RovingApps host of April 9th 9am Singapore time/ 6pm PT (April 8th PT): Chatbots Interview with Ruth Millar of UB (Singapore)
Viola Miebach (Barcelona), AIX and UX/UI Designer host of April 9th 9am cet (Spain): CareerPivot & NoCodeAI Lesson on learning Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure with Kristine Kalnina (Barcelona). #MustWatch This session will stream live during the livestream hours on April 9th afternoon. Kristine will also join the CareerPivot panel at 11am pt for a live Q&A
Rebekah Tweed, Responsible AI Ethicist, Chair, IEEE Global AIS Ethics Initiative Editing Committee and owner of Responsible AI Ethics Job board Facial Recognition Session at 9am Ohio time/7am pt
Aishatu Gwadabe (Germany), Peace Technologist AI for Peace and CareerPivot to AI story Session at April 9th 10am Nigeria time/CET/ 11pm pt (April 8th)
Manpreet Budhraja (India), DataScientist and host of A.I.M YouTube Channel DataScience Myths and CareerPivot Story by Manpreet Budhraja interview by Susanna Raj will stream live at 12.30pm IST India/9.30am CET/12.30am PT
Aishwarya (Ash) Joshi, Compliance and Technology Risk Leader (currently at Hulu, Prior Warner Media) Compliance and AI Ethics interview with Susanna Raj, at 3pm pt
Tejumade Afonja (Germany/Nigeria), Deep Learning DataScientist Researcher and AI Saturdays Lagos Organizer Lesson on Machine Learning vs Deep Learning (hands-on lab) time TBC (noon pt)
Manon den Dunnen (Netherlands), Strategisch Specialist Digitale Transformatie @Politie / IoT SensemakersAMS Learn how IoT Data creates Many Data Silos, Session streaming at 11am cet/2am pt
Jessica Groopman (Silicon Valley), Industry Analyst, Founder at Kaleido Insights, Start-up Advisor AI: Inference vs. Reference data session streaming at 1pm pt (TBC if Jessica can join us for the data session in the morning/pt timezone also)
Sam Wigglesworth, Editorial Team Lead, Mentor at DataEthics4All | Teacher | Founder of Girls&BoysinTech & The Language School , NLP Expert NLP Introduction Session from Womansplaining will stream at 9am UK/10am CET/11 pm (April 8th)
Usha Jagannathan (Arizona US), Enterprise AI Product Leader Explainable and Operational AI, Session will stream twice at 2pm CET and 10am Arizona/8am PT
Nino Manizhashvili (Germany/Georgia Country), Social Science Researcher (CEE & Africa) Education Management Consultant Interview about Nino work on Political Science research in Uganda/Kenya and comparing city deployed chatbots between Kenya and Georgia (Country) will stream live at 9am Georgia time/7am cet
Ruth Millar (Singapore), UIB Omnichannel specialist April 9th 9am Singapore time/ 6pm PT (April 8th PT): Chatbots Interview by Zoya Lakhani (Pakistan)
Divya Dwivedi (India) Advocate/Lawyer in Indian Supreme Court, Privacy and Tech Legal Policy advocate CareerPivoting from Engineer to Lawyer and driving Legal Technology education, policy and evangelism for consumer privacy and reducing gender bias in data. Session at 9am IST April 9th/8.30pm PT (April 8th)
Ana Chubnidze (Georgia Country) AI Ethicist, Founder AIGI on Responsible AI

Welcome to your learning journey to the exciting world of IoT and AI.


Sudha & Roxy (Joined by Susanna Raj this year)

2022 Live Panel: Apr 9 10 AM PST to Apr 9 3 PM PST

IoTDay Woman 2023 #24in24AI

See the schedule below for 24 hours from last year. We will be updating this year's schedule soon. See Curriculum below to watch past sessions.

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Making AI inclusive with loT, Data and Research Sudha Jamthe, Roxy Stimpson, Susanna Raj US 10:00 AM LIVE
Dataset for Research: AV Paper review Yashaswani Viswanath Bangalore, India 10:30 AM LIVE
AI Audits and Gender Equality Divya Dwivedi India 11:00 AM LIVE
Idea to App Pariya Sarin California, US 11:30 AM LIVE
Solving Problems with AI Research Usha Jagannathan, Lisa Abyeta Arizona, US & New Mexico, US 12:00 PM LIVE
Life of an AI Researcher Dr. Chitra Dorai, Susanna Raj US 1:30 PM LIVE
Closing of loT Day! Sudha Jamthe, Roxy Stimpson US 2:30 PM LIVE

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