Autonomous Vehicles Open Data & CareerPivot Resources

Learn AV Data to find your job role for your CareerPivot

Pivot your career to Autonomous Vehicles with this FREE set of resources and webinars.

Watch the webinars on how to pivot to Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles space to learn where is the opportunity for you and how you can pivot from your current role/backgrounds

What does the webinar covers: Each webinar will run for 1 hour and you can watch it at your own pace. It will introduce you to:
  1. What is the technology
  2. use cases and industry impacted
  3. Where are the jobs
  4. What are some transferable skills from your current role to get those jobs.

Course Curriculum

  Get Started with the foundation: Learn to look at Autonomous Vehicle Space as a Business Space
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days after you enroll
  Learn what are Autonomous Vehicle OpenData Sets
Available in days
days after you enroll

"Sudha's course was an extremely rewarding and valuable experience"

- Richard Meyers, Project Manager, Plickers

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