Free Webinar about No-CodeAI: DataScience for the Business User

No-CodeAI: DataScience for the Business User to solve real business problems

Welcome to the on-demand recording of the No-Code AI Webinar that was done by Sudha Jamthe on April 14th 2021.

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No-Code AI tools are available to take a data table and build a quick AI model.What you need in real business situations is to understand the business problem and convert it into multiple business use cases and strategically apply your business knowledge to pick one use case and make sure that the dataset is ready with rows and columns leading to a proper problem statement.

This is what you will give to a data scientist. (Thats part 1)

This is what you should feed to the No-Code AI platform. (Thats part 2).

This webinar is part of a larger No-Code AI: Data Science for Business Users course that runs for 100 days with weekly live sessions for an hour and 3 live labs that you will do in small multi-disciplinary groups of 10 or less. Feel free to download the curriculum here

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