April 15, 2020: IoT - Hafiza Palwasha Tauqir - Journey Pivoting to IoT R&D (Smart Grid, Telecom, and more)

See Hafiza Palwasha's video using guide below:

min 12.40 - Hafiza's intro

min 14.36 - Smart Grid Line loss reduction

min 27.37- Local Internet connectivity with a balloon as a base station (isn't this similar to what Facebook is trying to do)

min 40.30: Data lesson from IoT sensor data

min 33:33 - Beam Switching and Selection using machine learning for data rate.

min 42:10 - Smart waste management system

min 52 - Need for IoT ecosystem (she calls it social connection)

Here's Hafiza's papers on IEEE:



For free access of these papers, please use https://sci-hub.tw/

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