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#WeeklyWed is a #live Speaker series with select #CareerPivot webinars and industry guest speakers that brings together the community of present and past students of Sudha Jamthe from Stanford Continuing Studies and DriverlessWorldSchool. Open to your aspiring business leaders

Each session is a learning opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, or Internet of Things with a focus on the gap between high level strategy and low level technology to learn a topic + industry best practice and guidance on job roles.

See the curriculum section below for archive of past #WeeklyWed sessions. Everyone registered here can access past session weeklywed archives of the past 20+ sessions. Prior archives are under livestreamed lessons.

2021 Calendar

Jan 6th: Technology Focus to CareerPivot in 2021 (Sudha Jamthe) Jan13th: A futurist lens to AI Business Risk Assessment(Ana Chubinidze)

"Sudha's course was an extremely rewarding and valuable experience"

- Richard Meyers, Project Manager, Plickers

Course Curriculum

  AI for Product Managers
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