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Sam Wigglesworth is an experienced Teacher of languages, with a commercial background in Data Analytics and IT, project management, manufacturing/operations and web building and design. I have worked in both the public & private sectors in the UK and internationally for companies such as GE, Fujitsu Siemens,

ATI Inc., and local government and have traveled widely in the EU, USA, Canada and the MENA region.

Sam has over 8 years of teaching and lecturing experience and I am the Founder of GirlsandBoysinTech and the Language School, both projects focus upon delivering courses in AI, ML, Languages and Coding that engage young adults and professionals equip them with the future skills society will need in the

coming years. Sam is also a member of the Leadership Council and Editorial Team Lead for DataEthics4All, where I am building a large team of volunteers and writers to focus upon curating

thought provoking articles and data stories in the AI, Data Ethics, Tech and current affairs space.

Sam is an ML and Deep Learning enthusiast, with an interest in NLP, Machine Translation, Python and Cloud technologies and delighted to be delivering this NLP course for

Hope you find it a rewarding and enjoyable program of study.

Sam Wigglesworth