AV Ecosystem and Business Landscape

Stanford CSP Course BUS174 Fall 2017 AV Landscape and Ecosystem and Business Drivers.pdf

Dear Student

Welcome! Please add a comment on why you are interested in taking this course?

I want to make sure I understand your goals so I can help you better.

Some of my Stanford students goals were -

  1. Pivot your career to the Autonomous Vehicles space
  2. Learn who the players are in AV space (Some were surprised at how many industries were disrupted)
  3. To build out a startup or find a startup to work in the evolving space
  4. Solve some problem for their community. e.g one student wanted to make his community safe for bikers sharing the road with cars and influence regulation at their county level
  5. They had specific background in data, business development or marketing or legal and wanted to know how they could transfer their skills to the new space

What is your goals? Post a comment below.

Remember, I am here to help.


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