Aug 18th 2021: Data Powering Data Science: Student Demos & Sudha Jamthe class discussion at WeeklyWed Aug 18 2021

Hi Class,

We had 3 parts of topics to watch in this recording.

  1. Discussion about how to go past getting data as training data to build AI by starting with a business problem (with Sudha Jamthe)
  2. Ajay Naukudkar s demo of his Stanford class project: Labeling for an insurance car defects claim automation (image classification and how he did labeling and set quality check for labeling)
  3. Suresh Lokiah's session on "System Engineering for AI" on how he supports a product manager's requirement of 3 second notification of a delivery person at the door by testing all possible customer scenarios using microsoft's Vision API. Passcode: z9@#?K5A

Please remember Sudha is here to help, so be sure to followup with questions at sujamthe @

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