One hour Live Q&A with Industry Guest Speakers to bring reality of innovation in AI, AV and IoT in industry

What is WeeklyWed?

Who? Join us on Wednesdays we come together as a community of students past and present for a closed room live Q&A session with invited industry guest speakers (some of whom are past student alums of Sudha Jamthe).

What? You will learn about Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, or Internet of Things with a focus on the gap between high level strategy and low level technology to learn a topic + industry best practice.

Why? This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts, ask questions in a safe setting and also learn from each other as we have a mix of students come together from many countries and industries and variety of backgrounds.

Next WeeklyWed Jun 16th, 2021

Topic: Data Bias and Live Q&A with Diya Wynn of Amazon AWS

(If you missed our joint session with Manon Den Dunnen and her IoT Sensemakers Amsterdam, scroll below to catch one of the two hour session recordings)

If you missed our CareerPivot to AI Ethics Jobs list review webinar from last week get a copy of the jobs list here.

(June's Theme is Data and Humans)

Data is everywhere. Data is about us humans. Data is the language of AI and AI uses data to communicate with us and products are built to create experiences and engagements and get our feedback all using data. Let us explore the dance between humans and data and where it is going and how it it impacting our work in technology innovation and AI Ethics.

Ananya Sen, AI Product Manager, and our student from Capstone AI Lab course will be joining me in hosting the weeklywed by interviewing our guests in May and June.

June 2nd: Making Sense of Synthetic Media with Manon Den Dunnen (Netherlands)

June 9nd: Complexity in Technology Innovation with Ankita Joshi (UK)

June 16: AI Ethics and data bias live Q&A with Diya Wynn of Amazon AWS

May Calendar of Last Month's Sessions.(Signup Below to get notified of weeklywed recordings)

May 5th: Demystifying Complexity in Transportation Transformation with Evangelos Simoudis (Silicon Valley)

May 12th: Innovation with Alexandra deschamps-sonsino (UK)

May 19th: Career Pivot to AI Ethics Webinar with Sudha Jamthe & Susanna Raj (Silicon Valley)

May 26th: Live Class Session: Developing Transferrable skills for Job in AI Ethics

Enjoy the recording of April 21st Vera Serdiukva Machine Learning on the Edge from our joint event with IoT SenseMakers Amsterdam

April 21st WeeklyWed Webinar NoCode AI Recording is here. (FREE)


Our #IoTDay Womansplaining Video Recordings are ready here. You can see the first 8 sessions that were streamed on April 8th 9th at

BusinessSchoolofAI.com/Womansplaining We will be adding more of the live sessions from April 9th. Below are the amazing speakers. B sure to connect with them.


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