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2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles: This book is available in kindle and print format as a special Stanford edition. It serves as the textbook for Ms.Jamthe's Stanford courses "Business of self-driving cars" and "Autonomous Vehicle Business: An Intensive Bootcamp."

It offers a time-traveler narrative from 2030 about the business drivers, regulation, potential gaps to innovate to get us to 2030 from 2017. It covers analysis of several industries - Automotive, Transportation, Insurance, Smart Cities. It offers a futuristic lens to car design, AI and how Human Computer Interface (HCI) will play to create smart mobility by 2050.

IoT Disruptions: Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and its application in many applications and industries. (kindle format)

Internet of Things Business Primer: This book serves as the textbook for Ms.Jamthe's Stanford CSP course "How to build a successful business with the Internet of Things." It offers a business framework to build out IoT Products, Businesses with mini-case studies of successful IoT businesses.

IoT Disruptions 2020: This books serves as a textbook for Ms.Jamthe's Stanford CSP IoT Course. It covers Cognitive IoT, the junction of IoT and AI and shares futuristic perspective of gaps to innovate to apply IoT in several industries. It teaches how to build a new business or extend an existing business to new markets using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and general Artificial Intelligence.

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