What to expect in this Capstone Lab

Welcome to Capstone Lab! You are on your way to become an AI Business Leader who knows to successfully build an AI model in a multi-skilled team environment.

More Details below:

  1. A guided Lab experience to build an AI
  2. A team of data scientist, data engineer, Product Manager, Business Manager to join you on this journey
  3. Six 1 hour lessons to learn the 3 key areas - Taking a business problem and creating a problem statement, data prep and data engineering and finally Model selection.
  4. Lab setup for a cloud platform to learn end-to-end model development using a cloud provider IBM Watson/AWS cloud.
  5. Real data and engagement with a business problem and data owner through out the Capstone Lab
  6. Mentoring support
  7. TA to support your lab work
  8. Guide to share your Capstone Lab journey as a student to celebrate your success.

We are here at every step of the way, lets get started.

The Capstone Lab kickoff recording is below.

You will also get an individualized deliverable based on functional role in the team as PM, BD or Data engg. This is meant to help you towards your visibility and career goals at the end of the Capstone Lab.

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