A 6 week certificate Online live course for Product Designers to learn to design for AI ( Voice, Computer Vision, AR/VR and Machine Learning)

About This Course:

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in the form of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Voice and Machine Learning Data. We see AI in our homes, cities, airports, factories, cars, roads, hospitals. It is entering our lives as Voice Assistants, security cameras, connected doorbells, wearables on our bodies, medical devices, robots, drones, facial recognition in airports, chat bots on many websites and autonomous vehicles. AI is invisible in data everywhere in our search engines, shopping and Netflix recommendations in healthcare data augmenting humans in healthcare data, financial bots, facial recognition of our photos and geolocation data.

AI is everywhere, making decisions, creating conveniences, changing our way of lives, invading our privacy, bringing technology to all facets of our lives. Cars are becoming software on wheels and collecting lot of data about driving patterns, health of car parts for service, behavior data of passengers.

All of this is waiting for You, Product Managers and UX Designers!!!

You are needed to create experiences that put the user at the center to create conveniences, entertainment, new shared spaces with AI that carries our context and intent with us from our bodies to our homes to our car into workplaces, entertainment and several personalized life experiences.

What This AIX Course Covers:

AIX is Designing for Artificial Intelligence.

This 6 week fully online certificate course gives you a pathway to AI for Product Design, UX, UI Design for Voice, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality. The concepts are taught with AI in the Autonomous Vehicle use cases but is applicable to all AI everywhere.

AIX has six key modules:

Module 1: Human Computer Interface (HCI) and foundations of AIX
Module 2: Computer Vision
Module 3: Augmented Reality
Module 4: Voice
Module 5: Machine Learning (MLUX)
Module 6. New design jobs

Project based learning: You choose one AI topic and apply class learning and build out your portfolio by the end of the course.

Cost: $500 (monthly payment option available)

6 weeks online course. 4 weeks of 1-hour live online class Q&A sessions with instructors Sudha Jamthe & Dr.Charles Ikem runs in multiple cohorts of 20 students max. in multiple timezones. Find out what timing works best for you. (Use contact form below).

10 hrs/week bonus self-paced online lessons. Lifetime access. Learn at your own pace. (See detailed curriculum below)

Who Will Benefit from This AIX Course:

UX, UI Designers & Product Managers, Product Designers, Product Solution Managers can learn to build AI based products and transition to new roles involving data and AI (Voice, AR/VR, ML-UX, Computer Vision with deep learning)

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Course Dates:

Guest speaker sessions (optional): These run weekly now till end Dec 2019 in multiple time zones. Registered students can join the live Q&A but are not required to and can access the archived lessons.

Live classes: These are taught weekly for 1 hour in small cohorts of 20 global mix of students in two time zone in Dec and Jan cohorts. Current planned live course sessions are on Thurs 9am pt/18 cest EU and Nigeria/1pm Brazil/9pm Dubai. If there are enough students, we'll run another live session for Australia/Asia time zones.

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Project Mentoring: Students pick one area of AI to work on a project and will be supported by mentors to complete the project with 6 weeks. Completion of project is required to receive the AIX certificate.

Risk-free 30 day Full Refund:

We take pride in making our students successful. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get a full-refund within 30-days.

Meet Your Instructors

Sudha Jamthe: CEO of & AI and AV Business Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies. Ms. Jamthe is a globally recognized Technology Futurist with 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience from eBay, PayPal and GTE. author of three books on the Internet of Things and '2030 The Driverless World', chair of the strategic advisory board for Barcelona Technology School and an Ambassador for FundingBox Impact Connected Cars (Europe H2020) Community. Jamthe has an MBA from Boston University and enjoys mentoring leaders on digital transformation.
Dr. Charles Ikem: AI Designer and Global Service Design Expert. Dr.Ikem has over a decade experience in UX/UI and interaction design. Dr.Ikem helps organizations scale and use design as a source of innovation, learning, discovery and transformation. Dr.Ikem works at the intersection of design and technology and is ever curious on how design can foster new behavior for emerging technologies. Dr.Ikem has a strong understanding and leadership on product design for Internet technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, future of mobility and Autonomous vehicles. Dr.Ikem has a PhD (in Service Design with Internet of Things) from University of Padova, Italy and serves as an Academic Board Member at Barcelona Technology School.

Our Teaching Approach:

We teach the online course with a project based approach with weekly live classes in small cohorts that run every two months. We offer a lot of content but are sensitive to how busy our students are from their jobs and travels. We value the live class discussion from the diversity of perspective of our students who will come into the class with varying degrees of experience, expertise and expectations.

We start the course with Industry Guest Speakers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vast topic that covers many technologies and has a huge reach covering many industries and walks of life. We will focus on Voice, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR) and Computer Vision to teach the Product Designer to work with these AI to create Human Computer Interface (HCI) with the user at the center of their design.

The AIX course has professionals from many countries from variety of industries and educational backgrounds coming together to create a human centered design. Some of you might know some AI. Others might have worked with data but are not comfortable with developing AI technologies. All of you share the aspiration to decide for AI to delight your customer.

So, to get the students to the same page, we will spend the first month with guest speakers who will cover one AI per week in a guest lecture session. These sessions will be on Wednesdays at 9am PT/18 hr cest/1pm Brazil. Registered students will join the speaker on a Zoom classroom and can ask questions. If you miss the session, you can come back and watch the recorded session archive and have lifetime access to the lesson.

The guest speakers will bring industry expertise, share tools and best practices and answer student's questions in live online sessions. At the end of each session, the students gets comfortable with the practical aspect of one AI per week. The guest speaker sessions also get the students ready to plan for what type of AI are they passionate about and what fits their goals to work for their run-on course project.

AIX Speaker

(Guest Speakers do live Q&A with AIX students. Sessions are archived in curriculum for future student's review)

Designing for Voice: Steve Bishop, Head of UX, Amazon Auto
Machine Learning (MLUX):Chris Butler, Product Design Strategist, now part of AR team at Facebook.
Designing for Computer Vision and AR: Yosun Chang, Entrepreneur
Augmented Reality in the Car: Christopher Deutschler, Customer Success Manager, Mercedes-Benz
Data Design Jobs :Meg Rye, Facebook Design Recruiter, UK

Live 1 hour weekly classes in 6 week cohorts

Live classes are taught in small cohorts of 20 students or less where the students learn the fundamental concepts of AIX and key lessons about AI Ethics in designing products and have focused lessons on what is unique in designing for Voice, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AR each. The students get a foundational knowledge and have interaction Zoom session classes to compare their learning and will be guided to go deeper on the AI they have picked to build their run-on projects.

  • The class cohorts will be scheduled on a running basis in diverse batches of experience, global areas and AI focus to enhance the overall class learning.

Final Business Hackathons and AI Jobs

  • In the final class of each cohort, students have the choice to present their class projects to their fellow classmates and to select invited industry judges. They will also hear from a guest speaker who is an AI Product and Design Recruiter in industry to hear about how they can pivot their careers from this class learning.

Earn Certificates in 6 weeks or at your own pace

  • Students can attend the live sessions and choose to watch the video lessons and guest speakers at their own pace. They can complete the course in 6 weeks and and present their class project or may choose to attend the live sessions and continue to learn at their own pace. They will receive a certificate on completion of the class project and a select quiz.

"Sudha's self-driving car business class was packed - with technologists, legal experts, designers, people working on self-driving helicopters, digital mapping experts, wireless experts, data miners, and car enthusiasts. Sudha engaged this extraordinary group in lively discussion and got us thinking like futurists. It was a magical class. Highly recommend it! "

- Heather Wasserlein, Sudha's Student, Product Management Leader at Apporto, Yahoo/Intuit Sr. PM (past)

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What is the duration of this course?
The course runs weekly 1 hour live sessions for 6 weeks with 4 one-hour class session and two guest speaker Q&A. All sessions will be archived for unlimited access. The students will get access to many more guest speaker Q&A session but it is optional. Students are advised to plan to attend 2 guest speakers. They will access to more guest speakers and on-demand lesson content which they can complete within 6 weeks or view at their own pace because they will have life-time access to the class content.
Will I get a certificate if I miss a live class session?
Yes. but It is not recommended to miss the live sessions because you will miss the class discussion. But if you miss it, you can check the archived live class session at your convenience.
Is there a Quiz or project to earn the certificate?
Yes, there is a project. We will give you a worksheet to apply the class learning and help you figure out a project to create an AIX Design. This is required to earn the certificate. If you work on this worksheet during the course period, it should take about 2-3 hours total to complete the work thoughtfully. If you need extra time to complete the worksheet, please, tell the instructor and you can earn the certificate on completion of the quiz/project worksheet. There will be a business hackathon at the end of the course. Students can opt-in to showcase their work if they like.

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