WeeklyWed Global Speaker Series

Weekly Live Webinar about AI, AV, IoT 8 AM PT

Tamil in Generative AI with Abinaya Mahendiran

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What is WeeklyWed?

Who? Join us on Wednesdays we come together as a community of students past and present for a closed room live Q&A session with invited industry guest speakers (some of whom are past student alums of Sudha Jamthe).

What? You will learn about Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, or Internet of Things with a focus on the gap between high level strategy and low level technology to learn a topic + industry best practice.

Why? This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts, ask questions in a safe setting and also learn from each other as we have a mix of students come together from many countries and industries and variety of backgrounds.

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WeeklyWed Recordings

See a past speaker session: Data to Power Data Science

WeeklyWed recording

April 21st Vera Serdiukva- Machine Learning on the Edge with IoT SenseMakers Amsterdam


  1. Ankita Joshi (of GM) and Sudha Jamthe AI Ethics Jobs Landscape sessions: AI Ethics Webinar here
  2. Diya Wynn of Amazon AI Ethics Masterclass: Enjoy it here.
  3. 5-10 min livestream of the week’s roundup of lessons and opportunities on Friday evenings at 6pm PT: subscribe to YouTube here.
  4. WeeklyWed Webinar NoCode AI Recording is here. (FREE)

Our annual events include: IoT Day: 22 Speakers in 22 Hours

Our #IoTDay Womansplaining Video Recordings are ready here. You can see the first 8 sessions that were streamed on April 8th and 9th at BusinessSchoolofAI.com/Womansplaining Below are the amazing speakers.