Julien Carbonnell

Julien Carbonnell

Urban scientist focus on civic technologies and smart-cities, I started my career as an independent real estate developer in the south of France, after graduation in psychology.

Early attracted by the potential of the internet to co-design urban projects with neighboring inhabitants, I built my experience of citizen engagement by participating in many local projects from various perspectives: corporate companies, non-profits, startups, think tanks. I finally joined an academic research laboratory to strengthen my field observations with a scientific establishment and data analysis. I used this opportunity to build predictive models in Python, including machine learning and computer simulations. It is all detailed in my book called Democracy Studio

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1.What are the course dates? LiveLab: Machine Learning is a 90 min live lab online

Date: Sep 21 9am pt for 90 min

Free Addition! Sep 20 at noon pt Come for a freeAudit pre-class to setup Google Colab and Live Q&A with instructor.

2.Can I can the course and get a refund if I am not happy with the course? YES, we want every student to be happy with the class, else you can cancel and get full refund within 30 days.

3.Do I need to know coding to learn Machine Learning? You do not need any coding knowledge but this class is not based on a NoCode AI platform. You will be given a Google Colab populated with pre-built Python code.

4.Will we get access to course recording? Yes you will get the recording for one year.

5.Will we get support outside of class? Yes the instructor will have 1 hour of office hour to help the students 1:1 to answer questions and guide you on the LiveLab project until Sep 30th.

6. Will we receive a certificate on completion of the course? My employer requires it to pay for my learning. Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion which you can share with your employer to post on LinkedIn.